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This document, hereinafter referred to as Regulations, is a legal agreement between you, hereinafter referred to as a User, and the owner of the system, company GREENPOST Sp. z o.o. By using the system you agree to the suggested terms and conditions of this agreement. The User will be informed about any change or update on the agreement.

The User is obliged to get familiar with the Regulations website on a regular basis.


GreenPost  - GREENPOST Sp. z o.o., 54-424 Wrocław, ul. Muchoborska 6, entered into by the District Court for Wrocław – Fabryczna in Wrocław, 6th Economic Division under KRS number 0000332476, NIP 894 297 94 88. - a web service owned by and operated by GreenPost for the purpose of providing customers with access to information and rendering of services.

System – a place where the services are provided.

User - a subject who complies with the terms and conditions of the Regulations and who made Registration, as a result of which his Account was opened and he gained access to the services rendered by GreenPost within the scope of

Account - the area of the service dedicated to the User by GreenPost under a unique name (login) enabling to use the services rendered on his behalf by GreenPost and to gather information on his activities and liabilities.

Inbox Area - the area of the system prepared for message recipients to familiarise with the sent documents. This area contains a verification mechanism preventing unauthorised access to information. Every message has a link that opens document copy preview in a specially prepared system zone and a receipt code.

Receipt Code - a character string requested upon authorisation in the inbox area.

Recipient - a person, company or institution, to which a message was sent intentionally via - a final recipient. The list of recipients is entered into the system by Users.

Registration - the procedure of opening an Account.

SaaS ( Software as a Service) - one of the cloud computing models where the application is stored and executed on the computers of the service provider and made available to users via Internet. It eliminates the necessity of installing and launching the program on the customer’s computer. The SaaS model shifts the obligations of installation, management, updating and technical support from the customer to the service provider. As a result the user gives the control over the software to the service provider along with the obligation of ensuring the continuity if its operation.

Subscription - the form of settlement of access to services that requires signing of a separate agreement.

Prepaid Account - is the area used when using prepayment as a form of payment for services. In this area information about the amount of funds deposited to purchase services is stored, as well as the information about disbursement of the funds. The funds necessary for the purchases may be transferred to the Account by means of electronic payment system.

Registration Limit - the limit of free-of-charge services that each registered User is entitled to.

GreenMail24 - the Service consisting in creation, distribution and archiving of documents in electronic form using IT systems such as SaaS, rendered by GreenPost in favour of the Users.

Regulations - the hereby regulations of


2.1.   By using this website you declare that you are an adult (you have already passed the age required to perform legal acts) and you are fully responsible for any of your acts, including legal acts, that you undertake on the website and that you undertake any actions on your own responsibility, including the responsibility for any other users that use your Account.

2.2.   The services rendered by GreenPost within the scope of are addressed to natural persons, natural persons conducting business activity, companies or organisations with legal personality and civil law partnerships.

2.3.    Only the entities that comply with the terms and conditions contained in Par. 2.2 shall have a right to registration.

2.4.   In a situation when a person not being a natural person conducting business activity, but representing an entity referred to in Par. 2.2 wants to undertake the registration process, this person must be authorised on behalf of such an entity to perform any actions related to Registration and to perform any rights and obligations of a User.

2.5.   The entities that do not conform to the provisions of Par. 2.2. may use the information provided on the website, except for the areas that require access after registration in GreenPost.

2.6.    Only the recipients of the messages that were intentionally sent to them may use the inbox area. In case of failure to comply with such terms and conditions the area should be immediately left out, without recording or duplicating any information contained therein.

2.7.   Gaining access to the resources made available by GreenPost shall not provide authorisation to copy, process or use such resources without the consent of GreenPost outside, as far as they constitute part of services rendered by GreenPost within the scope of or data entered by the Users within their own Account

2.8.   A prerequisite for use of the services after Registration and after use of the registration limit is having sufficient amount of funds on a Prepaid Account or concluding a subscription contract.

2.9.    The Users who chose subscription as the for of settlement shall be fully bound by the terms and conditions of the hereby Regulations until the moment of signing a separate agreement regarding services rendered within the scope of between the Users and GreenPost. After signing of the agreement the Users shall be bound by the provisions applicable in the agreement, and the hereby Regulations and the provisions of civil law shall apply only in situations not mentioned in the agreement.

2.10.   In the event of removal of an Account by the Greenpost administrator upon the User’s request or in case of breach of the terms and conditions of the hereby Regulations or any separate agreements the given funds allocated in the Prepaid Account or limits assigned to the Account shall be lost, and their loss shall not be subject to any compensation.

2.11.   Any data entered by the registered Users belong to such Users and they are fully responsible for its content and compliance with the law.

2.12.   GreenPost shall have no right to disseminate in any form the data entered by the Users of the service in any way different than the one intended in the rendered services, exclusive of the data including the registration form, rights to which shall be entitled to GreenPost.

2.13.   GreenPost shall make every effort to adequately protect the data entered by the Users, and on the side of handling of, so that only persons exercising direct supervision over correct functioning of the service and holding proper qualifications would have access to such data.

2.14.   GreenPost makes a back-up copy of the data stored on servers on a daily basis, which is stored for one week.


3.1.     User registration is required to use the services rendered via

3.2.     In order to register a subject is obliged to fill in all the fields required in a registration form present on the websites of the Such fields are highlighted in bold. The error marker (validation maturity) arises upon validation.

3.3.     After filling in of the form the application to register is saved in the database, and then a message asking to confirm the willingness to open an Account and including an activation link is sent to the e-mail address indicated in the registration form. Clicking on the activation link is equivalent with confirmation of correctness of the data contained in the registration form and with activation of the Account.

3.4.     After activation of the Account the User may fully use its features and the services rendered by its means within the entitled limit when selecting prepayment as a form of payment. If the User selected subscription as a form of payment than the account will be activated by the administrator only after signing of the agreement. 


4.1.     GreenPost shall be liable for any damage suffered by the User as a result of non-performance or improper performance of Services, unless such non-performance or improper performance shall be the result of circumstances, for which GreenPost shall not be liable.

4.2.     GreenPost shall not be legally liable in particular for damages arose as a result of:

4.2.1.  lack of availability of services not attributable to GreenPost,

4.2.2.  lack of availability of services caused by the activity of third parties or other factors that GreenPost could not affect or prevent,

4.2.3.  incorrect use of services,

4.2.4.  provision of untrue or incomplete data upon Registration,

4.2.5.  breach of provisions of the Regulations by the User,

4.2.6.  Force Majeure, cataclysms or natural disasters,

4.2.7.  use of data enabling to access the Account by any authorised on unauthorised persons, regardless of the reason that led to such a situation,

4.2.8.  ceasing, limitation or incorrect functioning of services rendered in a manner generally available by subjects independent of Greenpost,

4.2.9.  failure to deliver an e-mail message due to reasons beyond the control of Greenpost,

4.2.10. receipt or sending by the User of an e-mail message with a computer virus file.

4.3.    GreenPost shall make every effort so that the services would be rendered at the highest level in a permanent and continuous manner.

4.4.    GreenPost shall not be financially and legally liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or moral losses resulting from compliance or non-compliance with any of the terms and conditions of the Regulations, such as inter alia, loss of revenues or expected profits or loss of the possibility to conduct business activity, the value of which shall exceed the value of paid by the User within the last subscription period, in which the damage has arose or the value of funds that were deposited during the last topping up of the Prepaid Account, whereas the value of compensation may not exceed the amount of PLN 1,000.

4.5.    The User may pursue claims against Greenpost in court only after exhaustion of the complaint procedure.

4.6.    GreenPost reserves a right to:

4.6.1. occasional, short breaks in the System operation, resulting in the lack of availability of services without giving any reasons,

4.6.2. immediate cessation of services and withdrawal from the agreement, in the event of gross infringement of provisions of the Regulations by the User,

4.6.3. block or remove the Account, the name of registration data of which suggest that it is an Account jest used by GreenPost or any other entity, which may mislead other Users or any other recipients of the sent contents,

4.6.4. block or remove the Account that is used for dissemination of information non-compliant with the law or good manners,

4.6.5. suspend the Account that may cause exposure of the GreenPost system to any losses or instability,

4.6.6. remove of block the Account in the event of infringement of the Regulations.

4.7.    GreenPost makes every effort so that the solutions made available to the Users within the scope of services would be on the highest available technological level. However it does not mean the guarantee that such solutions will always be sufficient for protecting in a complete manner the content of Users’ accounts against any hacking activities by any other third parties or breaking the password.

4.8.    GreenPost undertakes to inform on a current basis about any planned Technical Breaks on the websites of

4.9.    GreenPost shall not be liable for loss of access data for service management or its use by an unauthorised person.


5.1.     Complaints may be submitted in writing – by registered letter, fax or e-mail. The User sends a complaint to the address of GreenPost.

5.2.     A complaints should include at least:

5.2.1.  designation of the User enabling his identification including contact data,

5.2.2.  specification of the subject of complaint with provision of the reasons for its submission,

5.2.3.  date and signature of the User or person authorised to represent the User.

5.3.     Greenpost shall answer the complaint within 14 days from its receipt.


6.1.     The following services are rendered via

6.1.1.  Service 1 – Filling in of a document,

6.1.2.  Service 2 – Generating a document,

6.1.3.  Service 3 – Importing a document,

6.1.4  Service 4 – Signing with the use of safe electronic signature and time marking of documents in PDF format,

6.1.5  Service 5 – Delivering of a document (sending a document with delivery/receipt confirmation)*,

6.1.6  Service 6 –  Mass Mailing

*the service includes archiving of the sent and received documents, in the event of invoices the archiving period amounts to 6 years. Settlement of the archiving service takes place within the scope of settlement of the document delivery service.

6.2     All the services offered in are rendered using the SaaS model.


7.1.     By registering the Account in the system you can be sure that your personal data will remain secure. GreenPost uses the data for accounting purposes and for purposes leading to compliance with the Regulations and other agreements regarding the services rendered by Greenpost. Personal data are processed by trained employees.

7.2.     Data submitted by the Users of GreenPost in the course of the registration process, as far as such consent was expressed, may be used for provision of promotional information related to GreenPost or its Partners. The Users have a possibility to request to cease sending such materials at every stage.

7.3.     A request to cease sending promotional materials should be sent by the User to GreenPost from e-mail address that was provided as the proper one for contacts in the course of the registration process.

7.4.     GreenPost reserves a period of 72 working hours for deletion of the consent for receipt of promotional materials from the moment of its delivery to the e-mail address

7.5.     All the security procedures imposed by statutory laws (Act of August 29th, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data – Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item 926) on GreenPost as a service provider processing personal data are complied with.

7.6.     Upon the request of competent authorities (Prosecution, Police) Greenpost shall be obliged to make available the information contained in the System.

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